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7 tactics for those who are blindfolded in Fortnite Mobile

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While the mobile FPS world is burning, you need these tactics if you have started a game that puts popular culture content such as Fortnite into your game and puts its players into action.

Epic GamesFollowing the rapid release of the popular FPS game Fortnite, Fortnite Mobile Android and iOS took its place on the platform. With 7 Fortnite mobile tactics we have prepared for you, you will speed up your path to success and winning. Fortnite tactics You all know the need for a serious background and gaming experience in development. This game PubG Mobile I hope you realize that you shouldn’t play like

The biggest problem in mobile FPS games is moving fast and being able to aim. Fortnite is a game that requires extra speed, as it is a very difficult task to both engage in conflicts and erect buildings. Mobile FPS The professionals of the games train on this issue for hours. Be prepared for great tactics, especially for our friends who cannot spend this much time on the phone.

Step-by-step Fortnite Mobile tactics:

  • Step # 1: Checklist before entering the game
  • Step # 2: Building practice
  • Step # 3: Get off your route with the fastest way
  • Step # 4: Play away from others
  • Step # 5: Get to know the guns
  • Step # 6: Practice aiming
  • Step # 7: Get equipment support

Step # 1: What To Do Before Entering a New Game

  • Warm your hands
  • Charge your phone
  • Close unnecessary battery consuming apps.

Fortnite Mobile and to win and play better in almost every FPS game, be sure to warm your hands before entering the game. This could be squeezing and letting go of a ball, opening and closing your hands for a minute. Phone charging is one of the most important items for mobile games. The performance of the phone with reduced charging capacity begins to decrease. For this reason, your phone must be charged. In this rule, which applies to all mobile games, definitely, but definitely close all applications that will consume unnecessary charge.

Step # 2: Building practice

  • Build and break stairs and floors
  • Practice stairs and roofs
  • Practice “Edit”

Fortnite PC and mobile In the version the most important thing is the building. We recommend that you do building training for at least ten minutes before entering the matches. Stairs and floor training will allow you to build fast buildings in the game.

Fortnite MobileIf you are making a ladder during combat and shooting from your right or left side, making a roof and breaking it is the safest defense method at this point. You can take action by working on fast practices.

The practice of editing walls is again one of the most important combat tactics for Fortnite mobile. During the wars building A job that requires serious labor and practice under all conditions. You should definitely do these exercises until you get hold of your hands.

Step # 3: Get off your route with the fastest way

After jumping off the bus in Fortnite Mobile, you do not have the chance to travel around like the desktop version. The faster you are you collect items fast. Since it will be difficult to choose your opponents on the small screen, it is the healthiest to travel the distance fast.

Determine the point you will jump to very well in your mind. Create your route beforehand in your mind, and after you jump off the bus, dive and land immediately. First, attack the houses, collect weapons and ammunition and dive into the action like that. By the way, the houses where you will jump and memorize possible checkout points we recommend.

Step # 4: Play away from others

Searching for conflicts in Fortnite Mobile isn’t always a very logical idea. At this point, you need to develop a suitable tactic for yourself. Many players prefer to stay behind and catch their opponents unprepared. This method works most of the time.

Playing close to the storm is a second option. In the storm line hide & attack You can back your opponents by using tactics. Especially if you are a new player, we have to say that it is a very useful tactic in the adaptation process.

Step # 5: Getting to know the guns

It is very important which weapons you will use in Fortnite Mobile. Weapons may not be as seen in other games. For example, a rifle that looks like a fully automatic gun can come out with a shotgun. For this reason, it is so important that you know the guns that do not try to squeeze them with your pump at long distances, they “hit your mouth”, so to speak

At this point, it is very important to introduce all weapons in practice mode and choose the one with which you can move easily and shoot at the target. Make yourself a nice inventory list and snap it instantly when you see it in the game.

Step # 6: Learn to aim well

As in every FPS game, aiming is of course very important in Fortnite Mobile. It is the healthiest to aim and shoot instead of shooting randomly from left to right. We must warn you that you may have a hard time getting aim at first.

In practice mode, you can still practice aiming, but remember, aiming at the stomach instead of aiming at the head of the opponent at close range with a shotgun will cause more damage. Again, looking at the armor of a user at a distance and aiming at the head afterwards will be a move to eliminate your opponent faster.

Step # 7: Get equipment support

You can get equipment support while playing Fortnite Mobile on Android and iOS phones. Mobile console equipment is sold at very affordable prices in the market. Joystickle FPS Adaptation time is really low for players who are used to playing.

Choosing mobile game joysticks like Pubg Mobile in Fortnite Mobile will increase your performance in the game. It will be for users who have tried other Bluetooth devices, but the most logical option An iOS or Android Joystick It will do quite well.

Fortnite Mobile system requirements

  • Android:
    • OS: Android 8
    • Ram: 4GB
    • Memory: 4GB space
    • GPU: Adreno 530, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali – G72 MP12
  • iOS:
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone 11 Pro
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 6s
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone X
    • iPad Pro
    • iPad Mini 4
    • iPad Air 2

Fortnite Mobile Android On the platform, you have many phone options. For example Xiaomi mi5in, Huawei P9 LiteYou can easily play this game on. Fortnite Mobile Google PlayYou can join the competition arena by downloading and installing from. We presented you the tactics of winning in Fortnite Mobile, you can share your own tactics in the comments section.

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