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App That Only Performs Blood Test With Smartphone Camera

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A new blood test system has been developed that gives results in just 5 minutes when used with the test kit. The system named “PocDoc” appears as a mobile application. The test, which can be used on all smartphones with a working camera, is said to be critical in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Becoming critical due to the coronavirus pandemic blood testsnot fast at the desired level. As such, some people continue to work to speed up blood tests and give results in a few minutes. Developed in this context PocDoc a platform named is managing to do exactly that. PocDoc, which appears as an application, is only available when used with its kit. Within 5 minutes allows blood tests to be done.

According to the statements made by PocDoc CEO Steve Roest, the goal of the application is to using their smartphone or tablet to be able to do blood tests. The team, which started working for this purpose long before the pandemic, seems to have reached the point it aimed. PocDoc, according to Roest’s claim, COVID-19 testing even has the capacity to do it.

Any smartphone with a camera can do a blood test

PocDoc has a very detailed color tracking system on a drop of blood. A person, after applying a small drop of blood to the test kit, is presented to him and consists of a few questions. completing the survey. After completing this questionnaire, which takes about five minutes, the image of the blood test is through webcam uploading to the system. The test result is determined immediately after the installation process.


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PocDoc developers, with the increasing development of smartphones in almost every area they think it can be used. As a product of this thought, PocDoc seems to have proven itself with its results. Steve Roest, thanks to this system, to control the COVID-19 outbreak. that it will get easier says. However, it is currently unknown whether the system will spread around the world.

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