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Blackview BL8000 Announced: Here are the Features and Price

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Blackview, which produces robust phones based on harsh conditions, announced its new smartphone named “BL8000”. The phone, powered by MediaTek’s 6 nm Dimensity 1200 processor, is likely to attract attention with its other technical features.

Known for its robustness-oriented smartphones Blackviewannounced a new flagship phone. According to the statements made by the company, this smartphone, “BL8000It is named “. It has MediaTek’s 6 nm architecture”Dimensity 1200The phone, powered by the processor named “, will also push the peaks of performance with 12 GB of RAM capacity.

Blackview, about a month ago the world’s first 5G powered ruggedness-focused phone had announced. The company’s new smartphone is the world’s first 6 nm processor phone. According to the statements made by Blackview, BL8000 after a very short time will meet with consumers.

According to the statements made by Blackview, the BL8000 is suitable for smartphones that can withstand harsh conditions. will change your perspective will have technical features. However, the company did not disclose all the technical specifications for the phone it announced. In addition to processor and RAM capacity, among the things we currently know, with high touch sensitivity there is a screen. Apart from these, we do not have any details of the phone.


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Blackview, of this smartphone from harsh winter conditionssays it can be used up to low pressure conditions. However, there is a serious issue that should not be missed at this point: 5G technology is currently used only in city centers. As a matter of fact, 5G support It will not be possible to use it in the mountains. Time will tell how the company’s new flagship phone will find a response on the consumer side.

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