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Honor CEO Confirms: Phones Supported by Google Future

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Recently, there have been reports that Honor’s new smartphones will come with Google services. Honor’s CEO confirmed the situation after the news. Honor’s smartphones, leaving Huawei, will support Google services.

Huawei has been struggling for a long time US embargo sold to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology last November. Things are fine at Honor looks like it started to go. According to reports, Honor’s phones will support Google applications.

First announced by Honor last week and offered for sale in the Chinese market Honor V40With the news that the global version of the will support Google services, the issue is now on the agenda. Honor’s CEO George ZhaoExplanations came from.

Negotiations continue:

According to the company’s CEO, George Zhao, for agreements between Google and Honor there is no obstacle and the two companies for a while to reach agreement on the necessary points continues negotiations.

As a result of these meetings, the decision to be made and the new agreement will be Honor’s newest high-end phone. Whether it will apply to the V40 is a matter of curiosity. At this point, although the smartphone has been offered for sale in the Chinese market without Google services, with the signatures to be of the global version It is thought to be supported by Google.

Huawei’s name seems to have paid off:

Huawei Google


Honor Announces 2021 Model Laptops Magicbook 14 and 15

The reason behind Huawei selling Honor ‘To keep Honor alive‘We know that it is explained as. Recent reports show that this step of Huawei has started to bear fruit.

Because if Honor smartphones start out of the box with Android 11 and Play Store, they can get a good place in the smartphone market and even The vacuum Huawei created after the embargo We can say that you can fill it. Moreover, considering that Honor is also quite generous with the price, a possible Google deal could change a lot.

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