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Motorola Demonstrates True Wireless Charging Technology [Video]

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A Motorola executive demonstrated Motorola’s “true” wireless charging technology in a video shared on China’s local social media platform Weibo. The video shows that two Motorola smartphones can be charged wirelessly from 1 meter away.

Even though today’s wireless chargers based on Qi technology do indeed offer a “fast” charging technology with charging powers up to 50W, we have to contact the wireless charger to charge the devices, a true “wireless” charging experience prevents us from living. However, Motorola may bury this problem in the near future.

The managing director of Motorola’s parent company, Lenovo’s cell phone department in China, shared a video from his Weibo account showing the ingenuity of the “real” wireless charging technology the company is working on. The video in question Capable of charging even from a distance of 1 meter shows a new generation wireless charger.

Motorola may offer true wireless charging in its next “Edge” series phone

In the description of the shared video, it is stated that the new generation technology, which promises to break our connection with wired or Qi-based wireless (!) Chargers forever, can be used to charge more than one device at the same time. More importantly; the remote charging range of the technology in question max 4.5 meters It is said to be.

To place the wireless charger anywhere in the room like a set-top box if such a technology is developed and put on the market to be offered to the end consumer, wireless charging of all devices in the room. can provide. The only critical point here is that there are no obstacles between the devices and the charger.


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As you can see in the video below, smartphones with a distance of 80 cm and 1 meter from the wireless charger can be successfully charged with this technology. However, charging stops when one of the officers puts their hand in front of the charger. This is like Wi-Fi technology. can’t support devices behind obstacles means.

Video showing Motorola’s remote wireless charging technology

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