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Xiaomi Announces Wireless Charging Station Mi Air Charge

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Xiaomi has announced a new wireless charger called Mi Air Charge. What sets this device apart from its counterparts is that energy is transmitted in waves. This means that a smartphone that is a few meters away from the device can also be charged.

Having established a throne in the hearts of consumers with its innovative works for years, Xiaomi announced a new product today. “Mi Air ChargeThis product, which is named as “, is a charger as the name suggests. However, it has an important feature that distinguishes this device from similar ones. does not need to contact occurrence.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge is at its core a wireless charger. However, the product working principleis different from other wireless chargers. According to the statements made by the company, you do not need to contact the charger with your phone while using this product. Also, if there are multiple phones around the product, all can be charged at the same time.

This is how the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge looks

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge has been a spoken technology for a long time. However, to date, no company has made this technology a commercial product. could not bring. Thus, Xiaomi has achieved a first that provides an advantage for users. So how does this technology work?


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Xiaomi explained how this product works in a blog post shared on its official website. The product according to the statements made by Xiaomi To a 5-phase antenna array owner. These antennas detect exactly where the phone is. Also around the device 144 antennas using Xiaomi also transmits waves through these antennas. Working with the classic wireless charging infrastructure, the product offers 5 watt charging to a phone standing a few meters away.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

According to the statements made by Xiaomi, this product is a technology demo. So the product continues to be improved to become even better. But even that much is very important. Because, as we have just mentioned, no company has ever been able to design such a product before. As Xiaomi, the product about the price did not give a clear explanation.

Although Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge looks impressive for the health The risks are unknown. Xiaomi has not made an official statement on this issue, but when the product goes on sale, the authorities will examine the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge in detail. Xiaomi in the following processes will rewrite the rules of the game looks like he can take steps.

A promotional video for Xiaomi Mi Air Charge

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